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We are inspirational thought leaders, facilitators and creatives who have a passion for creating change in the world through empowerment. We are dedicated to supporting individuals, teams and youths to release from as many fears and limiting beliefs as possible in order for them to create a life that immerses them in their dreams and passions. We work with educationalists, youths, corporates and the general public. We support them to think creatively, fearlessly and imaginatively. We guide them to find new solutions, take 100% responsibility and step out of the energy of blame.

Rachel Lloyd Is an inspiring thought leader and facilitator. With 16 years experience leading educational establishments, working with women and youths, Rachel has developed unique concepts on how to support others to become truly empowered. She has spent the last 6 years dedicating herself to discover how we are creating certain experiences and realities in life and is now able to help others release from fears and limiting beliefs. Her unique combination of fearless leadership and energy healing supports others to become truly empowered and create transformational change.

Kelly Seymour is passionate about developing the dreams, creativity and imaginations of those around her in order to bring positive change into their lives and the wider world. She is dedicated to reforming education philosophies, nurturing authentic empowerment, and developing creativity and imagination. Kelly is an expert in leading and teaching within the Early Years and dedicated her 13 year teaching and leading career to developing child led learning philosophies, practices and workshops that empower students and teachers to shine. As the Cofounder of Limitless and an artist, Kelly also provides creative spaces and workshops to a wide range of groups including educators, students and artists that encourage self awareness, authentic transformation, empowerment and the development of unique creativity and limitless imagination.

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